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Martin Murphy V19R Rebuild

Martin has always liked the Haines V19R so started looking for a good boat and a boat builder to do the work. He managed to the pull me out of retirement to carry out the alterations on the V19R (Harry Twikler). 

I gave Martin the good job of grinding the hull inside out. I altered the back of the V19R and put in a live bait tank and two lockers in the back. I also put one of my pods on the back of the V19R, He wanted the fwd hatch glassed in with two new cabin bulkheads. I fitted side pockets, pockets in the cabin and fitted a dive door. The V19R was slowly taking shape, Martin wanted to lift the screen and I have done a couple of 'one offs'  but decided this time to make a mould and later sell a few. 

The spacer on the V19R was made 300mm high and a new screen put on top (looks great!) I faired the spacer into the deck, making it look as though it was part of the boat. Finally sanded the deck and resprayed it. 

The V19R now looks like a new boat. I suggested to Martin to call it the last one as it will be the last of Harry Twikler's modifications. I will stick to my pods and windscreen spacers and left the refit of the V19R to Martin.

Haines V19R Windscreen spacer

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